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    We measure your patients & clients experience & outcomes for you

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    Continuous monitoring with minimum effort


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What We Do in Patient Experience & Outcomes Measurement

We provide fully managed Patient Experience and Outcomes Measurement services so you can focus on the results, not the measuring.

CoMetrica provides innovative continuous experience and outcome measurement services to health & care organisations.

We specialise in flexible patient and client reported clinical Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS), Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) & non-clinical outcome and experience measures.

As part of our service, we provide ongoing help in choosing the right measures and interpreting them effectively. Our web generated electronic and paper questionnaire service is unique since the content is automatically matched to patients and client needs in real time and can include photographs and diagrams.

This means you can  reach out to many more patients and clients than traditional paper or device based multiple choice questionnaires, without the hassle of running sampled surveys yourself.  You can also include standardised measures such as the NHS Friends and Family Test at no additional cost.

You get the results continuously and immediately, on line, securely.

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