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CQC – Link between staff satisfaction & patient experience

     David Behan, chief executive of the CQC,  has recently described the link between satisfied & engaged staff  and satisfied & engaged patients as an “invaluable opportunity”. “Trusts where the staff would not recommend the trust often correlates with requires improvement or inadequate CQC…

October 7, 2016


National PROMS Results – What does good look like?

NHS England recently published some results from the National PROMS programme for the period April 2015 to March 2016. The publication covers the four nationally collected PROMS- Hips. Knees, Varicose Veins & Hernias It is interesting that despite the complex case mix adjustment and statistical…

September 26, 2016


Use pictures to reach out to all patients whatever their communication challenges

Some users of your service may be very young or have communication barriers and pictorial questions can be useful to reach out to them.  Our systems allow you to use pictures in questions with the added benefit that these may prompt people to remember their…

July 30, 2016


Get automatic ALERTS straight to relevant staff when patients report problems with services

Our sophisticated reporting service allows you to set up daily or weekly reports sent to nominated staff where there have been: A given number of low or high scores for certain questions or question themes A specific response made to a question Certain nominated keywords…

August 26, 2016


The NHS Staff Friends & Family Test – Making it Easy & Flexible

  Keeping up the engagement of staff throughout the year while submitting the results of the NHS Staff FFT question to NHS England every quarter can be a real burden and response rates can fall despite best efforts.  Our recommended approach is to make the…

August 18, 2016


Sussex MSK Partnerships Measure Patient Outcomes to support CQUIN

The Sussex MSK Partnership East and Sussex MSK Partnership Central have both recently started measuring patient experience and outcomes using the COM-Q service from CoMetrica. They are using the new MSK-HQ PROM as part of a trial across all their pathways, measuring at the point of referral and again 3 or 6 months after treatment dependent on the pathway.

August 12, 2016


OUTCOMES Newsletters

  Periodically we send out newsletters to interested parties on our mailing list.  These newsletters highlight recent findings, trends and developments in patient outcomes & experience measurement.   To be added to our mailing list, you can use the “Sign up to our Newsletter” link…

September 21, 2016


Ensuring Reliable Representation

Often “Broad Brush” approaches to data collection and measurement only gets results from people who find it easy to give feedback and harder to reach groups are under-represented in your results. The data driven COM-Q service from CoMetrica allows you to see the true response…

June 18, 2016


Effortless Reporting

The right reports to the right staff at the right time We want you and your colleagues to be able to focus on using your results, not running the measurement or running standard reports.  Our COM-Q service includes “Pushed” reports which can be configured with…

August 18, 2016

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