Automatic Multi-Mode Measurement

Our systems allow results from multiple channels, including manual paper forms you may use within services, to  be collated on a daily basis into a common database. This lets you view all your results together and check for any bias or under-representation.

Our collection channels include:COM-Q- GPSMSs

  • Email
  • SMS Text
  • On-line for P/Laptop use
  • On-line optimised for mobiles
  • Posted Paper we handle for you including data reading and comment transcription
  • Pre-printed forms
  • Instant surveys links for Kiosks
  • Survey links for literature
  • QR Codes


Our data-driven channels can optimise the best channel for particular patient groups e.g. More paper for elderly, more text for younger patients.

Different Languages

Our systems can be programmed to use questions in different languages where the language of choice is known.