Measure Your Patient’s Experience Easily Including FFT

Measuring patient and client experience at different stages in their pathway through your organisation is an important component of demonstrating the value of  the investment made in your services. Traditional satisfaction surveys often provide superficial “middle of the road” scores and fail to challenge sufficiently or provide enough depth to be useful.

We provide multiple channels for collection including email, online, SMS text and paper which can be tailored to the most appropriate for each patient  group. Our paper and electronic questionnaires can include image based questions, free text commentary and a variety of other channels helping you listen to hard to reach and impaired communication groups.

Patient Experience – Powerful results.

Our service includes ongoing measurement advice to ensure you are using measures which are relevant,  understandable and valid for your needs including the avoidance of skewing often seen in traditional surveys, whether completed electronically or on paper.  Each service can have their own questions and they can be changed at any time at no additional cost.

Collect the Friends & Family Test Easily

The standard FFT questions including child and learning disability versions can be added to your measurement programme at no additional cost.

We manage the whole process for you. Reporting the Friends and Family test results can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and includes the data for monthly upload to NHS England.

Powerful Automated Reporting

Patient comments and the results of all measures can be ‘pushed’ to users regularly by email so no need to remember to log in and you can set up alerts to report low scores or specified words included in comments.