Get automatic ALERTS straight to relevant staff when patients report problems with services

Our sophisticated reporting service allows you to set up daily or weekly reports sent to nominated staff where there have been:

  • A given number of low or high scores for certain questions or question themes
  • A specific response made to a question
  • Certain nominated keywords used in comments

This allows you to set up ALERT reporting so that any such feedback is highlighted and channelled fast to the staff who need to know. You can also use it to measure accolades e.g. the number of “Thank Yous” received ┬áby service each week which can be a great motivator for staff.


Feedback & Comment Management

Getting patients/staff/clients comments back to the relevant area each week automatically can greatly assist with the day to day operational management of those services. For example a weekly staff meeting could review the anonymous comments received from patients about their area in the previous week.