FFT Collection Restarts Very Soon

FFT data submission is due to restart from December 2020 for acute and community providers (including mental health, learning disability and patient transport services). December’s data will be the first data to be submitted, from the start of January.

NHS England say that it’s really important to try to maintain a feedback loop for those patients (or their family or carers) that want to give feedback, which will help to give insight into the impact of changes to how services work during the pandemic and inform how services develop after the pandemic.  


Some providers who have continued through the summer to collect feedback through the FFT  have found that really useful. FFT in particular, because it allows them to focus on a particular aspect of the patient’s experience and can be designed to give you a picture of how patients are finding the new arrangements and where they might be made to work better.

The use of touch screen collection  systems in clinics has been withdrawn due to Covid-19 and providers are seeking other ways to collect data.  An active collection service such as that provided by CoMetrica is the answer since patients can provide their feedback on their own devices, at a time relevant to their contact with the health service. This can work even if it is a telephone contact rather than face to face. For more information about how CoMetrica can help you with this, get in touch with us.