What We Do

We measure the experience and outcomes of patients and clients of Health and Care organisations including undertaking surveys and feedback collection from staff and the public.

A Fully Managed Service


Our services are fully managed so you can focus on the results, not the measuring. We can provide systematic measurement automatically triggered  by your administrative processes for patients such as referral, treatment, admission and discharge and we can provide ad-hoc measurement such as paper and electronic data capture in clinics and online.

We guide organisations in the most effective collection methods for different individual patient and staff groups maximising response rates and representation.


Experts in Outcomes

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) require careful implementation and consideration of translation, statistical accuracy and information reporting requirements. CoMetrica has experience in the selection, use and development of PROMS and offers a unique comprehensive monitoring service for patients pre and post treatment.

Our services ensure the right PROMS are used at the right time for each service and treatment pathway and can provide long-term follow-up after treatment discharge.

Results are available to organisations quickly to track progress and problems through our flexible on-line reporting facilities.  Our consultancy support helps you interpret your outcome results, developing case studies and support for commissioning.

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