Our Team

Our company employs highly experienced specialists who understand the healthcare business and can demonstrate the highest levels of business and academic credibility in their work.  In addition to our technical and data processing teams, here are the profiles of our key personnel.


Stuart Mathieson

Founding Director

Stuart Mathieson, has a clinical background and was a board director in two NHS foundation trusts. With an interest in strategy, planning and informatics,  Stuart went on to found CoMetrica. His passion for achieving good experiences and outcomes for patients has proved invaluable in being able help organisations both measure their performance and use their results to improve their effectiveness. Stuart is an Oxford MBA graduate and his profile can also be viewed on LinkedIn at  Stuart Mathieson


Beverly May

Strategy Consultant

Beverly is a web strategy and development expert with 20 years experience specialising in optimised user experience, new product development and technology strategy for software and the Internet.


Jeremy Rooth

Operations Consultant

Jeremy is an operational expert in high volume data collection, paper to digital conversion and web based information delivery systems. He helps organisations create high performance teams, structures and processes to deliver continuous improvement and strategic advantage. Jeremy is a consultant at Rovici and was previously Commercial Director at Kroll Ontrack.

Our Support to You

We provide prompt support to our customers in person and by telephone, email and on-line to assist with measurement advice, report writing, training and presentations.  We aim to answer questions within one business day where possible.